Thursday, 7 February 2013

From Cave walls to the loom

Here we see Judy starting her cave painting project. Great blending of wool and sutil colours that made this tapestry a fabulous one.

 Below Judy progressing on her tapestry.

 The final work recently removed from the loom. Great tapestry!
Congratulations Judy.

Butterflies from Stella Tang. Colorful tapestries in such different formats. Great way to mix different materials to create these beautiful shapes!

Visit her blog at


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

tapestry Weaving retreat

Join us at this interesting Tapestry Retreat where we will explore, learn, weave, and understand the symbolism's in the flora, from one of the most fascinating tapestry series of all times

The Unicorn series:

The Lady and the Unicorn & the Hunt of the Unicorn

Together we will weave one of many samples in the floral iconography from these Fifteenth century master works.


Thursday May 17 ,2012

Arrive after 4:00 pm. Check in at Intra West Resort followed by dinner at Village Centre.

Friday May 18 ,2012

Tapestry Studies and presentation on Unicorn series after breakfast until 12
selection of image to weave inspired in the iconography of the Unicorn Series.
Lunch 12-2:00
Weaving time. Participants presentations.
Dinner @ 6

Saturday May 19, 2012

Breakfast 8-9 am.
Tapestry weaving .
Lunch 12-2:00
Weaving time. Participants presentations.
Dinner @ 6.

Sunday May 20, 2012

Breakfast .
Prepare weaving for presentation
Lunch 12-2:00
Review on samples.
Visit to Village and Dinner

Monday May 21, 2012

Breakfast at 9:00 am. Check-Out and return to Oakville.

4 days of camaraderie sharing tapestry thoughts (and other)
Lodging is sponsored by Stella (Member of Intra West Club)
Cost: $ 200.00 CAN
Limited space in a shared room. Sign up now!

RSVP before March 30
290 242 8685
905 845 3357

Video inside the Oakville Tapestry Studio

Inside look at the Oakville Tapestry Studio.  All levels meet here. Experienced and beginners. All themes are developed in this fascinating technique.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Advanced Tapestry Workshop in Summer 2012

We are glad to announce that in March 2012, the Oakville Tapestry studio will be operating also in the New Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.
The Fibre Room 040 is now a reality that is hosting 6 fibre related groups and Guild from the Towne of Oakville.
This Multi-use fibre-dedicated room will witness a fabulous New era in the arts!

Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (QEPCCC)

Grand Opening March 24, 2012!
2302 Bridge Road

Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (QEPCCC) is a unique multi-purpose recreation, arts and culture facility opening in spring 2012. QEPCCC will offer many drop in and registered recreational, cultural and aquatic programs and will be home to a youth centre, seniors centre and theOakville Arts Council. QEPCCC will also provide much needed space for the many cultural groups and arts guilds. There are so many great camps being offered at QEPCCC this summer, that we have added a busing option to get you there. Visit the Camps page for more information.

The Oakville Tapestry Studio began in 2005. Today, it’s a group that educates, shares
knowledge and produces traditional tapestry weaving techniques to encourage the
general public to explore this medium as a creative fibre activity.

It is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the art and craft of tapestry weaving.
Memberships are open year round. The Studio is a Not-For-Profit group that offers courses, workshops, lectures and all related to the wonderful world of Tapestry Weaving.

Oakville Tapestry Studio Summer Intensive Course

You can visit the studio and how we work on tapestry courses :

Insight from the Tapestry Studio visit:

The Oakville Tapestry Studio

Advanced Tapestry Course: (Intermediate to advanced knowledge of weaving is required)

For those interested in participating in the next Advanced Tapestry Workshop at the Oakville Tapestry Studio there will be another opening in Summer:

Space still available!
Dates: July 2 - 13 2012

1121 Kestell Blvd.

Oakville, ON

L6H 1A1

905 845 3357

289 242 8685

YouTube - Videos from this email

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Featured Member:Chung-Ja Jackson

Chung-ja Jackson

Our featured Member from the Oakville Tapestry Studio and first of the series of presentations on members work is this interesting and fascinating person, friend and wonderful weaver.Not only she is a creative artists who is also member among some other groups Guilds and textile Associations, she is a scientist who spends part of her life writing, researching and of course: weaving!

Chung-Ja is the Vice President at BioLunch Inc

Senior Consultant, Nutraceutical and Foods

  • 25 years in chemistry and nutraceutical research and development
  • Nutraceutical Head, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • PhD; University of Manitoba
I met her 2 years ago at a 5 Counties Regional conference for the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Guild. She has been a member of the Burlington Handweavers and Spinners Guild for some years now and her work in floor looms is just beautiful!

One of her interests in tapestry was precisely the versatility to mix materials and create textures. Being a traditional weaver, her excitement to try exploring the surface in other medium was both interesting as well as challenging.

Here are some samples of images of details of her latest tapestry which she gave "birth" to this week. An abstract image of poppies.

Here we can admire some samples of her works in floor looms woven at the Burlington Art Centre with the Burlington H & S Guild.

Even though her work in floor looms is "traditional" her interest shows immediately in the way she mixes colour and chooses a bit of surface texture exercises.

She also dyes her yarns to create these wonderful scarfs and shawls in silk. Great combination of colours.

Her tapestry previous to the poppies was this wonderful owl inspired in one of her son: Bert Jackson.

He quotes" I am a visual artist based in the Toronto area. My work includes sculpture, painting illustration, and the art of tattooing. I love to travel, and I love to experience art and life in it’s great and bountiful diversity. So I enjoy a wide range of influences: traditional European oil painting, bronze statuary, Eastern art, tattooing, contemporary art, etc. I started making art at a young age, and have reinvented my style on a number of occasions."

This owl is truly a fascinating piece and quite a challenge for any tapestry weaver.
The theme reflects the imagery and ideology of Bert, quoting again

"Since the beginning I have had a passion for depicting the animal world. I am a keen environmentalist even before it became popular in the nineties. That figures into the work; this is true. Beyond that there is a genuine love and passion for the natural world. I am seeking what many artists have searched for, which is to uncover and explore beauty in life, nature, and the human form. I am also interested in truth, depicting the true essence of a subject even if the subject is fantasy or imagination. The emotion or symbolism can still express something genuine.

I would like to share this space to congratulate my Dear Chung Ja for her passion she puts in all she does. Her work has been improving project after project excelling the technique as she progresses along her projects. We hope to see more of her tapestries soon.

Keep it up Chung-Ja!